Maintenance Packages

PWS – At Your Service!

Allow Pioneer Web Services to assist in some, or even all, the daily maintenance required to keep your site up to date and running without issue.

Adding content, updating pages, creating new images, adding additional email addresses, keyword research, and what ever else you may need!

We can even work with websites that weren’t originally created by Pioneer Web Services. In fact, it’s quite common to have a third party come in and examine a website to analyze where possible improvements can be made.

We will create a maintenance package that is specifically tailored to your individual needs and then submit a free, no obligation quote for your approval.

Here Are Just a Few Maintenance Items We Can Help With…

  • Add, edit, update, and delete pages, posts, images, videos, etc
  • Keep up to date on 301 permanent page moves and 302 redirects
  • Modifications to the design and layout of your website
  • Keyword research for new and current content
  • Database architecture and maintenance
  • PHP, Javascript, jQuery and CSS research and developing
  • Continually bring additional back linking to your site through Facebook
  • Continually bring additional back linking to your site through Twitter
  • Ongoing research for additional marketing resources
  • New image creation and new video creation
  • And anything else within reason that hasn’t been mentioned above